Don't get eaten by lions…

If you’ve even been bored on a Saturday afternoon chances are as you are channel surfing you stumble across one of those epic Discovery Channel shows about lions. Lions are fascinating creatures mainly because of their size. But lions also have a keen intellect. One of the most interesting things to watch lions do is hunt. Lions are not necessarily faster or more agile then the prey they are after.

Therefore, the lions have to be strategic in what prey they decide to expel their energy chasing. And if you’ve watched one of these shows you know it’s almost always the prey that has fallen or wandered to the outskirts of the herd. Outside of the herd, a lion’s prey is extremely vulnerable and much easier for a lion to attack.

On Sunday, pastor Andrew drew a comparison between a lion’s prey who wanders to the outside of the herd and the Christian who distances himself from community. Too easily we as Christians become content on our own – living apart from any real relationships or deep friendships. We knowingly or even unknowingly distance ourselves from Christian community.

And in so doing we put ourselves at great risk. The Apostle Peter images Satan as a roaring lion seeking to devour its prey. Those of us that struggle to be in community are the ones at the greatest risk of being attacked by the Evil One. Outside of community there is no accountability, no encouragement, no one to help carry our burdens. This makes for a very open and vulnerable target.

At Mercy Hill we have many community groups that meet throughout the week all across the Triad. If you are not yet connected please visit our community groups page and get signed up. Don’t allow yourself to be isolated – your life depends on it.

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