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Don’t Be a Consumer: Come to the Weekender

On January 20-22, we will be having our first Weekender of the year and it is a great time to come. Start 2017 off by being more committed to Mercy Hill.

What is the Weekender?

The Weekender is the big front-door to becoming a committed, serving member of Mercy Hill. On Friday night, we will cater a delicious dinner while you hear from our leadership team about the story of Mercy Hill, the foundational DNA principles of the church, and our core theological beliefs. There will even be time for you to ask the pastors and staff those nagging questions that you always wanted to ask.

On Saturday morning, we will serve you fruit and donuts while our leadership explains the important ways that you can get involved in what we do.

On Sunday, you will put this information to work as you shadow a serve team and envision what it will be like for you to serve alongside of us.

Why Should I Attend?

Perhaps it may not be apparent to you, but you are a product of what you do. You are formed by your daily routines. But, if you are a Christian, God has made you a new creation, someone who is a living witness to what a citizen of the Kingdom of God looks like. The problem is that the culture around us is constantly trying to form us into one of its citizens.

We can look at the Sunday worship gathering as a tuning fork. As we exist in the world throughout the week, being exposed to its multitudinous influences, we begin to lose our tuning to the Kingdom. There is much we can do during the week to slow this process, but the Bible makes clear that it is in the gathering where we best regain the tuning of our hearts to the tone of the Kingdom and the rest of our week flows from that. But if all we are doing is coming to the gathering to consume and not be involved, then we are not fighting against the world’s influence. Our culture is constantly creating consumerist personalities because it needs them to survive, personalities that are always looking for just the right amount of dislikes to stop shopping at a certain place, even if it’s a church.

What does this have to do with the Weekender? The Weekender gets you involved in the church by connecting you to the Mercy Hill story, getting you on a serve team, and providing you an opportunity to become a committed covenant member of Mercy Hill. A covenant member is someone who is deeply invested in accountability, prayer, participation, and generosity with Mercy Hill. If you have yet to come to the Weekender and become a covenant member, there are profoundly important ways that you are not a part of the Mercy Hill family and are not receiving all of the counterformative benefits that the local church bestows through the Holy Spirit to retune your life. If you are not serving the church, then you are still a consumer. Mercy Hill is still a church you are attending and not “my church.”

A church is not a place to shop for entertaining music and powerful preaching, but a family to commit to in order to be conformed, exhorted, and held accountable to the image of Christ.

You can sign-up for the January Weekender at

-Alex Nolette (Equip Associate)