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Does Your Family Speak the Same Language?

Getting everyone on the same page is hard. I mean really hard. If you work in the corporate world you know how difficult it can be to have different departments with different tasks and different goals all moving in the same direction. Sports teams struggle to get players from different positions and with different skill sets working together. In the church world there are different ministries reaching different people with different needs.

You name the arena but the concept is the same: speaking the same language can be a monumental task. And this is no exception when it comes to the confines of family life. There are jobs to be worked, practices to be attended, homework to be completed, and mouths that need feeding. Everyone is running in a dozen different directions and finding quality time together (to talk, to read the Bible, and to pray) can seem almost impossible.

With all of life’s demands the family can be pulled in many different directions. This is not simply a scheduling problem but a spiritual problem as well. Parents are engaged in small group, older kids go to youth group, and the little ones have Kids Ministry on Sunday. These are all good things, but they can often leave a family feeling spiritually misaligned. Getting on the same page can be really hard.

What if, as a family, you had one big idea that every member in your household was learning? What if, instead of a bunch of little ideas there was one major concept that collectively you were working on together? What if everyone could speak the same language spiritually?

Mercy Hill Alignment

Family alignment is our goal every single week across all of our age-based ministries at Mercy Hill. It’s our goal as a church to get you as a family on the same page. And here’s how we’re doing that:

Each week, on Sunday, we deal with a specific passage of Scripture and dive deep into biblical truth. During the week our community groups will then dive deeper into that specific topic. But it doesn’t stop there. Every Wednesday night our student ministry will take that same topic (and same biblical text) and unpack it in a relevant and contextual way for students. These students will work together in small groups to also dive deeper just like mom or dad is doing in community group.

Furthermore, at the start of every week, our Kids Ministry team puts together a fun and engaging kids guide that parallels the same material. The Kids Guide is a simple tool to help parents talk to their kids about the same biblical truths they are learning. It contains suggested family activities, discussion questions with answers, and prayer points to be used in a variety of family settings (i.e. the dinner table, before bed, or in the car).

The goal is for every family to be able to speak the same language in regards to how God is at work in the lives of each member. In sum, everyone is on the same page. If you have not yet taken advantage of our Kids Guide, I would highly encourage yo\u to visit our new Family Resource Center here. There you can download or print a copy of our weekly Kids Guide. And if you are not yet in a Community Group, I would strongly urge you to sign up for our next Grouplink here.

Aligning everyone’s schedule might be tricky, but aligning everyone around the Word of God doesn’t have to be.

-Jeremy Dager (Age-based Ministries Pastor)