Mercy Hill Church Weekender Blog

Do You REALLY Know Who We Are?

Here is a preview of something you’ll hear at our Weekender: “If I were you, I’d want to hear this stuff now. Why? Because if you are coming to Mercy Hill and saying to yourself, ‘I really like this, and I really like this, but I don’t like this. Maybe they’ll change.’ We won’t.” This is Pastor Andrew Hopper speaking about the DNA of the church. This usually gets a laugh, but there is something foundationally true about it. Many organizations, societies, or groups invite interested people to an orientation to give an idea of who they are, what they do, and what they expect from you if you join the community. That’s exactly what our Weekender is.

Yes, Mercy Hill is a church family united under the Gospel with a desire to see the Gospel spread to all of the Triad and to the ends of the Earth. But, many churches who also have this identity and goal could also have completely different ideas for how to lead a church organizationally, or what their expectations for a church member are. We at Mercy Hill want to invite everyone who has not been to a Weekender to attend. We want you to know our story and what we are about. We want you to meet the leadership and staff and know where they are coming from. We want you to have the time to weigh whether this is a church model that you can be excited to be a part of. That’s what we’ll talk about during the Friday night portion as we serve you a free dinner—as we say, Friday is about who Mercy Hill is to you.

On Saturday morning, you’ll come back for a light breakfast and hear how you can get involved in the Mercy Hill family and become a part of the community. It is no secret that when you enter a relationship with someone, there are responsibilities to be upheld on your end. We are all human, and we have a desire to be contributors in our relationships. Therefore, we want to show you what it looks like to be a bought-in member of the church, from community group attender to someone who serves on one of our Serve Teams. Saturday is all about who you can be to Mercy Hill.

On Sunday, you’ll get the opportunity to shadow a serve term and experience what it feels like to walk in the shoes of someone who serves the church. With two campuses, there are many positions available to help the church perform its mission with care, excellence, and attention to detail. Those who serve get to have hands on help in carrying forward the mission of God.

Our last weekender of the year is being held at our Edgefield facility on December 2nd – 4th. It all starts at 6:00pm on Friday night. If you aren’t signed up, then sign up today here:

-Alex Nolette (Equip Associate)