Mercy Hill Church Of Two Minds Blog - James Series

Do You Ever Feel Like You Live Two Lives?

What we do is a reflection of what we think. If you think that a snow storm is coming, you buy bread, milk, and eggs. More seriously, if you think that what matters is being accepted by the elites of society, you will spend far too much money to look the part or lots of time schmoozing with people of power. If you think that Jesus rose from the dead and this means that God has given him authority over the whole universe, you will seek to serve him with your whole life.

This is why James calls the church away from “doublemindedness” (1:5-8).  The Christian life should flow only from one mind, a mind that is for God, but we constantly struggle with two. The result of having two minds, a mind for God and mind for the world, is godliness one moment and sin the next. When our mind is set on God, we treasure him above all, pray, ask him for wisdom, and persevere through trials like poverty, etc. But when our mind is on the world, we manifest anger, greed, arrogance, and a sharp tongue. Indeed, as James 4:4 says, “friendship with the world is hostility towards God” (CSB).

In other words, there are two minds, and these minds are at war with each other. Christians should fight for holiness but not simply in behavior modification; the Christian fight is much deeper. It is a fight for the mind.

Join us for 8 weeks as we begin our new sermon series during the weekend services of January 24th and 27th. We will be exploring the book of James and finding verses that are flooded with practical wisdom on how to live the Christian life.

-Alex Nolette (Equip Coordinator/Community Groups)