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Divided by Our Differences, United in Our Need

Have you ever seen the sign above before? I pass it all the time. For most, this sign is forgettable, easily overlooked, and mundane. But for me it is deeply symbolic and a sobering reminder. You see, when I look at this sign I can’t help but see a message behind the message. The intended message is “Welcome to Greensboro!” But look closely, right down the center of this sign is a crack that runs from top to bottom splitting the sign in two. When I see that sign split and divided, I am reminded of things that divide and separate people in this community every single day. We are divided by: socioeconomic status, culture, race, denominational affiliation, preference, political affiliation, and the list goes on and on. That is what I see when I see that sign, people divided by difference.

But as soon as those thoughts flood my mind, I remind myself of a different reality. Even though we are often divided by differences, there is one sense in which we are all the same, something unites us all. Here it is: we are all in need. For some, those needs are apparent: they need food, they need money, they need a helping hand. For others, their needs are a little bit more intangible. Yet for every person, the greatest single need is the need for Jesus; for a relationship with the one who changes hearts and lives. At our core, we are all in need. No one escapes this reality.

And that reality has certain implications for Christians. If we are all in need, and we believe that Jesus is the one who can satisfy mankind’s greatest need, then Christians should be actively involved in pointing people to Jesus through the way we serve others.

We just wrapped up Serve Week here at Mercy Hill. Serve Week, as the name implies, is about serving others. It’s about meeting needs. Some of those needs are tangible: we paint walls, we collect food, we fix leaks, we build ramps. Other needs are more intangible: we encourage others, we spend time building relationships, we are simply present. But at the heart of Serve Week, and really the foundation of Serve Week, is the gospel of Jesus Christ. If you took part in Serve Week, I am so thankful for the time you invested in loving on the Triad and the many non-profit organizations we work with. If you missed Serve Week, now is the time for you to connect to a Community Group and start serving the community in community.  

Check out some of the images from Serve Week here.

-Randy Titus (Campus Pastor, Community Groups Director)