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Diversity in Baptism

On Sept 13th our church experienced an absolute out pouring of the Holy Spirit in our services! The Scripture says in 1 Corinthians 12:3 that no one can say “Jesus is Lord” but by the Spirit of God. 40 times over 3 services people got into the baptismal water and declared publicly that Jesus was the Lord of their life. The Spirit was moving like crazy and to make the day even more special, it was our church’s 3rd birthday. During the baptisms I couldn’t help but praise God for one particular aspect of what we were seeing; the diversity in the water. In at least 3 ways we saw a wide range of people coming to declare publicly what God had done in their life.


First, the ages ran from 8 to 66. It was incredible to see people from various stages of life coming in obedience to Jesus. We know that the Gospel is simple enough for a child to grasp, yet strong enough to grasp adults of all ages. We say that God is after the nations but the nations are made up of all generations. A testament to the beauty of the Gospel is seeing people get it both young and not so young. Second, we saw people baptized of different races. Revelation 5 paints a picture for us of people from every tribe and tongue praising Jesus in the end. God is glorified in the diversity of people who hold him valuable. Finally, we had almost as many men get baptized as women. In seeing men and women rotate in and out of the water I was reminded that all barriers are broken down and this Gospel message is for all.


I praise God like crazy for what He did in our services on the 13th. But in praising Him over one outpouring we must remember to beg him for another.

-Andrew Hopper (Lead Pastor)