Discipleship Happens In Community

In the next week we will be launching our fifth community group.  This group will be meeting in the Guilford College area.  This is an exciting time in the life of our church because we truly believe that discipleship happens in community.  That means that deep, lasting life change will not happen simply by attending on Sunday nights.  Rather, it will happen when smaller groups of people meet outside of the church gathering in the community where they live.

Chris Cathell and Carter Mundy have the privilege of leading this new group and below they share their heart and desire for community groups.

“When my wife, Kristen, and I first started to attend The Summit Church in Raleigh/Durham, we were immediately connected to a small group. A couple of friends invited us to a brand new small group that had just split from a larger group. I have been a part of small groups in the past, but something was different about this group. For the first time, we experienced Christian community.”

“We all had different backgrounds, likes, and opinions but what united us together was our faith in Christ. We ate together, talked with each other, shared our struggles and encouraged one another with the greatness that is the Gospel of Jesus. When one couple was experiencing some struggles, it was up to the group to come along beside them and help meet their needs. We wept and rejoiced with each other. One unique aspect of our group was its drive for missions. When one person or couple left the group, most of the time, it was to serve overseas or to be a part of a church plant. Kristen and I found out about the Greensboro church plant (now Mercy Hill Church) in that group.”

“I believe that God put us in that group in order for us to become a part of Mercy Hill Church. When Mercy Hill Church first started, we were a community group. We met in Carter and Tamara’s apartment. We ate together, studied the Bible together , prayed together and encouraged one another. We lived life together! We formed close friendships with these people. These people have (and still are!) challenging us in our Christian walk.”

“Kristen and I are excited to be hosting and co-leading this group with Carter and Tamara Mundy. The Guilford College area of Greensboro has to be one of the fastest growing areas in Greensboro with shopping, schools and neighborhoods surrounding the area. Guilford College Road connects High Point to Greensboro and crosses major thoroughfares like I-40 and Wendover Ave. Also, Guilford College is home to over 2,500 college students and Mercy Hill would like to make connections at the school.”

“My wife, Tamara, and I started going to the Summit, in Durham, in 2010. We only knew a few people who were regular attenders, and decided to check out their small group one week. Their group was in the middle of a transition. The leaders at the time were preparing to train for missions work and move to the Middle East, so a new leader named Bobby Herrington was preparing to take over. Eventually we started having meetings at his house. That was the only group we checked out.”

“I remember going to one of the first few meetings at Bobby’s house; he was talking about the necessity of Christian community, and expressed his desire to make discipleship a priority in the group. It sold Tamara and I on staying. I asked, “Why not stay here?” I had never been a part of a church which put emphasis on actually living like the church is called to live—in real community with one another, living life together every day. And here Bobby seemed serious about making this a priority for the small group. So, we made a commitment to stay and become a part of the Summit family via this particular group of people. It just seemed like a natural thing to do.”

“Fast forward to today. Tamara and I ended up moving from Raleigh in order to continue our fellowship with Bobby and the other members of our group who moved to Greensboro for Mercy Hill. It’s incredible that we formed such a real bond, rooted in Christ’s love, that we couldn’t stand the thought of losing the relationships in which we had already invested. That is what a community group should be like. Here in GSO, we want to see those same kind of committed relationships form and last for years to come. If you look at Bobby and me, we really don’t have a whole lot in common. I’m not a sports guy like him, I’m not an avid biker-runner-hiker like him, and I don’t have a child like he does. Yet, we have a relationship founded on something much more important, Christ.”

“So, I challenge you. If you’ve been coming to Mercy Hill for a while but haven’t committed to a community group yet, get in one. It’s really the only way you’re going to begin to have a healthy relationship with others in our church, but also with Jesus. And, hey, the relationships you build here might end up taking you to somewhere you never thought you’d go! Get ready to live the life of a serious Christ-follower.”

Join us this Wednesday night for a vision dinner at the Cathell residence (337 Guilford College Rd Apt. P, Greensboro, NC 27409) to hear more about Mercy Hill’s vision for community groups and learn how you can get plugged into our newest group.

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