*Please note that any webpages or booklets need additional approval from your Executive supervisor. All content for your webpage or booklet needs to be finalized and approved by your Executive supervisor before submitting your request.

All design requests must be submitted through the form below. If your content has not been fully prepared, this communications request will not be assigned to a team member, and the form will need to be resubmitted when the content is fully prepared. All requests will be approved or denied within one week of their submission.

General Timelines

*this does not include ordering/delivery

Booklets – 3-4 weeks (upon receiving content)
Webpage – 2 weeks (upon receiving content)
Printed item – 2 weeks (card, handout, etc)
Single Slide – 1 week
Event Slides – 2 weeks
Apparel design – 3 weeks
Signage – 2 weeks