Could you live a month?

by Andy Smith

Think back to high school or college when you had an exam.  Regardless of how smart you are, some tests were easier than others.  I remember some multiple choice tests, like math, where if you were stuck you could just plug in a few of the choices and see what worked.  Other tests, like open ended ones, or “show your work” math tests, were very difficult because you didn’t have a clue where to start or which direction to focus.

For a lot of us we see life as an open ended question on a test which we end up narrowing down to multiple choices to make it easier.  We look out across all the jobs in the world and narrow down a few based on our skills or interests.  We look through every college major, or change majors, and settle on one we like which we think will propel us into a career.  We do this for many different options in our lives; places to live, where to eat, which movie to watch, almost everything is available to us and it’s up to us to narrow down our choices.

What if your life was the other way around?  What if instead of having everything on the table to choose from we were only given two or three choices?  What if those choices were outside of your interests?  What if the best choice was simply the least unpleasant option?

This is the way life is for many people struggling on the streets or below the poverty line.  We think they should have made better choices because we place ourselves in their shoes but we neglect to take on their “multiple choice” options as well.  In reality they likely only have a few choices open to them in their present situation.

I challenge us, Mercy Hill, to change our view – to shift our mindset around this.  I want you to take a few minutes and visit the site SPENT and see if you could live a single month on the choices you would have to make in their shoes.

This isn’t about social justice, this is about people.  This is about seeing people the way God sees them.  Understanding their pain.  Coming alongside them in this life to point them to Christ. It’s about seeing through all of the choices in this life and realizing there is only one choice that truly matters: believing in Christ and following after him.

We’re taking steps as a church to reach our city and show them what Christ has done for them.  In order for our church to take those steps we need you, as an individual, to jump on board.  Reach out to one of the ministry teams and see where you can plug in – see where you can join in what God is already doing all around us!

If you’re ready to show love for the homeless and poor of our city, begin by filling out the interest form below. Andy Smith is a Covenant Member of Mercy Hill Church and champions our community ministry to the homeless. 


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