Consider where you live

“Location, location, location” – every home realtor knows a strategic location is a top selling point.  Consider where you live.  What is the advantage to its location?

  • Easy commute to work?
  • Good schools for your kids?
  • Space for your menagerie of pets to roam?
  • A weekly opportunity to be cast as an extra in the show Cops?

To be honest, most of us think about where we live in terms of how it impacts our lives.  But do you ever consider how where you live could impact the lives of others?

One of our partner churches out of the Summit Network is Redeemer City Church in Baltimore, Maryland.  They are still counting the time they’ve been in Baltimore by weeks and many of their launch team members are still looking for places to live.  As they look, they are considering how where they live might be a strategic location to reach Baltimore with the gospel.  Praise God, some of their members have found apartments in the areas they seek to impact!  Pray for Redeemer City Church, and ask God to provide their members with housing and jobs where they will be instruments in His hands.

Maybe you didn’t move to where you now live thinking about how you could impact your neighbors with the gospel.  But by reflecting on how Jesus made his dwelling place among rebels like us, you will be compelled to move toward your neighbors to see Jesus glorified on your street.

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