Mercy Hill Church - Community Ministry - Serve Week - West End Ministries

Community Ministry Highlight: West End Ministries

West End Ministries is another ministry we have connected with in the past year. They are a Christian organization located in the West End of High Point, NC. Sixteen years ago, three churches in the area realized they could do more together to help the people of that area than they could do alone.

They have many programs within this organization, one being a shelter for homeless women, “Leslie’s House.” It is a thirty-day emergency shelter that gives women who are experiencing homelessness a chance to “get back on their feet.” This shelter has twenty-two beds, but unfortunately, they stay full a majority of the time. While there, the women receive case management to assist them as much as possible. Last year they housed 235 women and are anticipating housing even more this year.

In addition to the shelter, they also offer a Boys and Girls Club there on site. This particular program acts as affordable daycare. While parents are at work, they can rest assured that their children are being taken care of. West End offers tutoring classes to help any of the children that are behind on their Math and English schoolwork and there are also classes on bullying and the dangers of drug addiction.

The list could go on and on about what this incredible organization offers. Pastor Andrew frequently asks the thought provoking question, “If Mercy Hill (or, in this case, West End Ministries) would cease to exist, would the community mourn?” From providing temporary housing to feeding close to 300 homeless individuals on daily basis, West End Ministries are such a vital part of the High Point community, making the answer to that question a yes.

“We offer a wide variety of programs here at West End Ministries to hopefully meet the needs of our community. However, we are unable to do anything here without our volunteers. Mercy Hill has been partnering with us for almost six months now, and we are looking forward to working with your church for many years to come. Not only has Mercy Hill sent out teams to help with events that go on in our community center, but they have also started to adopt a few of our women that move out of the shelter once they are ready. Unfortunately, some of them move into apartments that are not furnished. We try help as much as possible; however, with deposits and other initial costs to get a lady in a home, there is no money left for furniture (like a bed to sleep on or a couch or a chair to sit on and somewhere to store their clothes). Your church has come alongside of them and helped them get settled in. It really makes a house more like a home, something these women have not had in a long time.” -Brad Bowers (Program Director)

-Will Ferguson (Associate Director of Community Outreach)