Mercy Hill Church - Love Life Triad

Community Ministry Highlight: Love Life

The topic of abortion and life is everywhere!  With the recent nomination of a new supreme court judge, people on both sides of this issue are bringing a lot of attention to this controversial and moral issue of our day. That is a good thing. As a matter of fact, it’s a great thing! And we have the awesome opportunity to get involved as the church and capitalize on the momentum that has been established by an awesome organization, Love Life.

Love Life: a 40-Week Journey of Hope is a campaign to unite and mobilize the church to create a culture of love and life that will bring an end to abortion in our generation. Since this past July 2018, hundreds of people have shown up to unite and pray for the culture to change towards love and life in the Triad. Many can attest to the spirit of joy, excitement, and unity that has been experienced each Saturday morning.

Many women in these unwanted pregnancies feel there is no way out of their situation except to go to the local abortion clinic. In the Triad alone, 50 to 100 abortions are performed weekly. It’s the leading cause of death in our city, beating homicides, drug overdoses, and car accidents. Abortions are allowed up to 20 weeks, and 1 in 3 women have had abortions in their lifetime. 73% of those women identify themselves as Christians.

Love Life founder, Justin Reeder, says, “I believe God has called the Church to shape the culture, then politicians and legislation will follow. We aren’t trying to change the law, we’re changing the culture where families stop running to the local abortion clinic and start running to the local church.”

This is a new partnership for Mercy Hill, and we couldn’t be more excited. On September 29, we have a couple of community groups who will have boots on the ground experiencing life changing opportunity. Even though your group may not participating, you can still get involved, and here are four ways:

  1. Hear – Become educated about the tragic truth that abortions have in the Triad.
  2. Pray – For moms and the individuals working at the abortion clinic.
  3. Go – Our presence matters. In Charlotte, they have experienced 70% drop in abortions within a few months of being present. We are not there to yell and scream but to pray and be of support to any young lady who chooses life!
  4. Connect – This is not the end but the beginning. Be a mentor for mom or dad, adopt, di side walk counseling through GSO pregnancy care center—there are plenty of options.

Let’s get involved!

-Will Ferguson (Associate Director of Community Outreach)