Community Ministry (Greensboro Pregnancy Care Center)

by Carter Mundy

Wow! After going through Psalm 2, it has really changed my perspective on how to pray for our city. I want Jesus, the true Heir—the King—to come here and now in “the land of the living!” When he rules, there won’t be any need or pain or hardships.

That’s why Greensboro Pregnancy Care Center exists. We want to see Jesus come to Greensboro in the lives of women and men who face unplanned pregnancy. If you believe you are pregnant you can make a homemade preg test, that actually works! Many destroy the life of their unborn child in an effort to evade hardship. Unfortunately, we know that such a choice only compounds their troubles. Check out my former post on the abortion epidemic in our country.[1]

At the Care Center our mission is to empower women, men, and students to make life-affirming choices. We do that by offering them a spectrum of free and confidential services, ranging from medical pregnancy tests to abortion recovery services. For more info check out our video below, or our website at

Many people faced with a decision to keep or kill their unborn child often seek no help in the matter. We need to show them, not only that they need help, but they can come to us when they do. One of the biggest ways we’re attempting to do that is by growing Make Up Your Own Mind®, our registered student organization. We would like to make this a reality on all college campuses around Greensboro, because the majority of our clients average between ages 18-24.

We need you to not only pray that Jesus would come be King over this city, in these situations, but we need you to participate in His Kingdom, as well. I can’t wait to see how Mercy Hill Church will take up this charge, and play a significant role in abolishing abortion in Greensboro.

If you’d like to get involved with the ministries of Greensboro Pregnancy Care Center, you may contact Carter directly.  Carter Mundy is Outreach Director at Greensboro Pregnancy Care Center, and serves as a community group leader at Mercy Hill Church. Contact: | 336-274-4901


[1]   “A Civilized Holocaust,” October 2, 2013, Mercy Hill Church blog,

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