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Climbing the Insurmountable: Starting is the Hardest Part

Ever feel overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of a particular task? Whether it’s that closet full of junk in the hallway, the garage that has never had a single vehicle parked in it, going to the gym to work off that inner tube around your waist, or that mountain of paperwork on your desk. You all know what I’m talking about. These are everyday realities for many of us.

And we often convince ourselves why we shouldn’t even start. We tell ourselves, “The closet will be full again in a month, no one uses their garage for parking cars anymore, I love food/hate exercise way too much to ever really say goodbye to my inner tube (let’s be honest), and as soon as I complete this mountain of paperwork a larger one will take its place.” That’s what we tell ourselves, and we are very persuasive aren’t we?

But what if we just get started? What if we begin to chip away, little by little. I know for me that getting started is sometimes the toughest part. Once I begin, the pathway to completion becomes more clear, and the energy that I was struggling to find before in starting has now appeared out of nowhere. All of the sudden I am making progress on something that seemed insurmountable.

Here’s the deal. For some of you that “insurmountable task” may not be a household chore, instead it may be that your insurmountable task is connecting with others in authentic Christian community. You tell yourself (quite persuasively) that it’s no use. You think to yourself, “Once they get to know me they couldn’t possibly love me or even listen to me. I’ve put myself out there before, and I’ve been burned one too many times.”

Just Get Started

If that’s where you are today, I would urge you to just get started. Don’t let fear and doubt keep you from what God has created you for. If you will just get started, then the “task” that once seemed so daunting can actually turn to joy in your life.

At Mercy Hill, the best way to get started in authentic Christian community is through Starter Groups. Starter Groups are a great way to connect with others at Mercy Hill and begin to study the word of God and apply it to your life in the context of community. You can find out more info and register for the upcoming round of Starter Groups (beginning May 31st) here.

-Randy Titus (Campus Pastor & Community Groups Director)