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City Project – Montreal

Currently we have college students – who are part of our summer program called the City Project – in 4 different countries around the world. We have a team in India, in Serbia, in London, and in Montreal. Here is a look into what the team in Montreal has been up to through the eyes of one of our High Point University students.

Every morning begins between 5:15 and 6:15. We have been staying in a school dorm together so we have definitely been in constant community. During our time here we have been learning French and about the culture and the church’s vision. In Montreal, French is their first language and some people know English and others have broken English. We helped serve a children’s camp Tuesday through Thursday of our first week. The children we worked with spoke French. The camp consisted of children from the neighborhood who were mostly disconnected from the church. Their parents by agreement understood that they would be told stories from the gospel all week at camp. We also took them to parks and pools and a beach/river as well as activities at the church.

God has really been teaching me that even though I was only able to speak to these children through a few French words that I’ve learned, love is so much greater than language. I have learned to love people in a new way. We attended a church completely in French and while it was hard to understand what was going on, it was amazing to see how much bigger God is than just the bubble I live in. God really is for the nations. And I fully got a grasp of that once I saw people worshiping Him in another language. It was beautiful to listen to.

On Friday, we got to experience survey evangelism. We had a questionnaire to help us approach people on the street and talk to them about the gospel. We met one girl, Dianne, who was a teenager and I will never forget her. She is Jewish but doesn’t practice and seemed genuinely interested in trying to understand Christianity. She seemed very caring – almost like she was searching for more in life even though she wasn’t aware of it yet.

One thing is clear – Montreal is a dark place where is seems that many people aren’t sure what purpose they are even living for. So many people had never even thought about death or the purpose of life. A lot of this stems from the cities difficult background with religion. The Catholic Church used to rule over everything and there was corruption and no separation between church and state. Many of the people here have resentment and a bad understanding of Christianity or have no concept of religion at all. There are Catholic Churches everywhere but most of them aren’t being used and are locked.

Please pray for our last week here as we begin to serve the area of La Salle and please pray for the city of Montreal and surrounding areas!

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