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City Life: Work Different

We all have work to do. Whether it’s the reading assignment for class, taking care of the family, or paving road, every single person on Earth works in some capacity. One of the primary things God created humanity to do was work. If you remember, one of the very first things God gave to humanity was a job; God placed Adam in the Garden of Eden and told him to work and keep it. And all of this transpired before sin entered the world. When God gave a satisfying declaration that everything was good, he included work in that declaration.

Work is good, but we have tremendous trouble with that truth because work is frustrated, distorted, and sometimes pointless because of the Fall of humanity. The entrance of sin into the world has left some with a bad taste in their mouth for work, as in the case of those who try to avoid it. And some have an unhealthy obsession with work and cannot seem to stop working.

The amazing thing is that the gospel changes everything including the way we work. Jesus came to work in our place, quite literally. He was a carpenter for a bit. Jesus worked a job perfectly; he did not loath work or worship it. Jesus honored his Father through his common, everyday job. Later on, Jesus made a vocational switch to ministry, a job that would lead him to poverty, but his needs were met. His new assignment led him to his death, but ended in his resurrection. Through his work in life, death, and resurrection, Jesus redeemed work itself. Now, work can be different than before.

In 1 Corinthians 10:31, Paul declares that whatever a person does, whether it be your job or enjoying a latte, do it in such a way to show God’s worth and importance. Because of what Jesus has done, we have the opportunity to work different.

Yet, working different may not always be an obvious difference. How does a Christian drink a latte different from a non-Christian? How does making bread honor and glorify God? Even further, why does my everyday job matter? Aren’t “spiritual tasks” better than secular tasks? Shouldn’t everyone just leave their jobs and do full-time vocational ministry? Questions like these and more are answered this summer through City Life.

City Life is an 8-week summer project for college students at Mercy Hill. City Life teaches college students to re-think the relationship between faith and work while they work a job or internship all summer long. All participants will have a small group to discuss and workout the things they are learning to live out. They will also hear from marketplace professionals on how the gospel changes their work every day. Lastly, participants will discover how their job can fit into the mission of God around the world. Apply today!

-Jon Sheets – College Ministry Director