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Church Planting Updates: An Anniversary, a Hurricane, and a New City

Grace Alive Church Turns 1

In 2017, we sent out over a dozen Mercy Hill members who moved to Orlando, Florida to help start Grace Alive Church under the leadership of Pastor Cam Triggs. On September 23, 2018, Grace Alive celebrated its one-year anniversary as a church. As with any church plant, the first year comes with its share of hardship and heartache, but God’s grace has been evident and lives have been changed.

At their one-year anniversary, Grace Alive met in their new gathering location with 175 people in attendance. Forty attended Grace Alive Kids and twenty people indicated a spiritual decision that day! Continue to pray for Grace Alive as they seek to help people discover, deepen, and display a relationship with Jesus. 

Mercy Hill Church Planting Grace Alive Mercy Hill Church Planting Grace Alive


The Bridge Church Flooded by Hurricane Florence

In 2014, Mercy Hill helped plant The Bridge Church in Wilmington, NC and have continued to have a fruitful partnership in gospel ministry. When Hurricane Florence hit the Carolina coast, it left eight inches of standing water in The Bridge Church’s gathering space. Mercy Hill recently sent members to assist in clean-up at The Bridge and serve the city of Wilmington alongside them. Leaders from Mercy Hill Kids helped out by preparing activities and providing childcare for The Bridge families while they gathered for worship and then scattered through the city to love their neighbors.

A statement from the Bridge’s website reminds us: “It is times like these that faith becomes more than simply ‘going to church’ or ‘doing what is right.’” It is times like these that religiosity is stripped away, revealing the faith that remains. In the midst of turmoil and tragedy, true faith shines bright in the darkness. It points to a God that sustains. It displays a peace that surpasses all understanding. It rings of a hope that is not dependent on this world or anything in it.

Mercy Hill Church Planting - The Bridge Church - Hurricane Florence Mercy Hill Church Planting - The Bridge Church - Hurricane Florence


New City Church Prepares to Launch in Tampa

Mercy Hill’s first Church Planting Residency is well underway as Eric Hovis joined our staff at the beginning of September. New City Church will be planted in 2019 and aims to see a global movement of Gospel-centered transformation starting in and around Tampa Bay. The first interest meeting for New City Church is Sunday, October 30 at 6:30pm at our Regional Campus.

Mercy Hill Church Planting - New City Church - Hovis Family