A Great Light: Christmas at Mercy Hill Church 2018

Christmas Isn’t What It Used to Be

Christmas is a season that is interwoven into the American winter. Well divorced from its original intention to celebrate the coming of Jesus Christ, God with us, Christmas has become its own stand-alone celebration of love, family, generosity, and, strangely enough, law-keeping (Have you been good this year?). Yet, many Americans still pay homage to the Christian roots of Christmas through attending a church service or watching the midnight mass on TV. For some weird reason, many are pulled by the “magic” of Christmas back to where it all began.

Many Christmas-only church attenders probably couldn’t even tell you why they are more inclined to open themselves up to a Christian experience during this time. But we Christians know that Christmas is the foretaste of the fulfillment of humanity’s greatest longings. We all subconsciously want nothing more than for God to dwell with us and to know us in full acceptance.

If this wasn’t the case, we at Mercy Hill probably wouldn’t do anything too special for our Christmas services outside of worshiping our hearts out. But we understand that there are people whose hearts are restless, looking for rest in the presence of God, and they don’t even know it. And we know that many of these people are more willing to say yes to a church invite if it’s a Christmas service. So, we “do it up” for Christmas, planning an incredible time of worship and a presentation of the gospel message meant to bring the word of salvation and hope to souls that didn’t even know they were desperately looking for it.

This year, we are having our Christmas services at all of our campuses. The purpose for this is that we felt that more people might continue to come to services if they were familiar with the building and the experience.

Don’t Waste Christmastime

What all this means is there is a wonderful opportunity through these Christmas services to invite someone that you’ve been wanting to invite. You can take them to the campus that you attend that way they are comfortable knowing that someone they are acquainted with goes there. We don’t want to waste this opportunity to bring people to the Savior who has come for us.

Please RSVP as soon as possible and tell us you’re coming. Click here to find details of all the service times and more.

-Alex Nolette (Equip Coordinator/Community Groups)