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At the heart of the Chosen series is the truth that God chose us to be in his family so we should choose others to be in ours. Being involved in adoption and foster care gives us the chance to put the Gospel on display in a tangible way by building families through adoption, and reuniting families through foster care. Below is a list of several steps you can take to get involved in adoption, foster care, or in supporting those who are adopting or fostering.

Go to an Interest Meeting

The Adoption and Foster Care Ministry holds 3 interest meetings each year to help prospective adoptive or fostering parents discern the best path for them. Meetings include overview presentations from guest speakers on both adoption (domestic and international) and foster care, Q&A panels with current adoptive or fostering families at Mercy Hill, and opportunities to interact and meet other families who are also considering or starting the journey towards adoption or foster care.

Mercy Hill Church - Chosen - Adoption and Foster Care - Interest Meeting

2020 Interest Meeting Dates and Locations

Interest Meetings are not required by Mercy Hill families before contacting an agency or beginning foster care licensing classes. However, we have heard from many families that these meetings were beneficial to them in helping to prepare them for the journey.

  • Sunday, March 8

    Edgefield Road Campus | 2:00pm
    3530 Edgefield Road
    Greensboro, NC 27409

  • Friday, May 29

    Regional Campus | 7:00pm
    7616 Business Park Drive
    Greensboro, NC 27409

  • Sunday, September 20

    Edgefield Road Campus | 2:00pm
    3530 Edgefield Road
    Greensboro, NC 27409

Foster Care Licensing Classes

Mercy Hill, through our partnership with Baptist Children’s Home, offers on-site Foster Care Licensing Classes multiple times each year. Below is a list of upcoming classes that you can register to attend if you are ready to get started right away. Click the “Register Here” button to get started.

Mercy Hill Church - Chosen - Adoption and Foster Care - Foster Licensing Class

Baptist Children’s Home Foster Care Licensing Classes (10 weeks)

If the dates and times below do not work for you, click here to fill out this form, and a staff member will contact you with additional opportunities.

  • February 24-April 27

    Regional Campus | 6:00-8:30pm
    7616 Business Park Drive
    Greensboro, NC 27409

  • May 11-July 13

    Regional Campus | 6:00-8:30pm
    7616 Business Park Drive
    Greensboro, NC 27409

No More Spectators Opportunities

No More Spectators is about leveraging all that God has created you for—in the church and in the community. There are so many good works that God has designed for his church to do, and some of them he has made specifically for you. Through No More Spectators, we have the goal of seeing peoples’ gifts activated and seeing an equal number of people serving both in the church and in the community. Click through the opportunities below to see where God may be calling you to get involved.

Mercy Hill Church - Chosen - Adoption and Foster Care - No More Spectators

Serve through one of these opportunities:

Baptist Children’s Home

Who We Are
The Baptist Children’s Home exists to provide the highest quality of Christian services to children, adults, and families in a caring culture of measurable excellence.

What We Do
A variety of placement and prevention services are available to meet the needs of the individual child and/or family.

  • Complete care by working with both child and family
  • Professionally trained child care workers and staff
  • 24/7 care for residents in a family environment
  • Emergency care for immediate placement
  • More one on one hours with residents
  • Higher education scholarship opportunities
  • Lifetime commitment to residents
  • After Care provided by our case managers
  • Transitional living to prepare residents for adult life
  • Family residential care for single mothers & their children
  • Services for both seniors and developmentally disabled adults

One Child’s Voice

Who We Are
One Child’s Voice is a nonprofit organization that supports the foster and adoption care world. We are a certified 501(c)3 that was created by Derl and Carlene Curry after they had four children of their own and were moved to adopt six more. Intentionally growing their family to 10 children wasn’t enough. They were moved again to help more children in the foster care system and created One Child’s Voice. Realizing the needs in the foster care system, our main goal is to spread awareness of children needing forever homes, here in the United States.

What We Do
One Child’s Voice is a home missions organization created to bring awareness of the need for foster care and adoption locally. One Child’s Voice is intended to be a voice for children, young or old, that cannot speak for themselves when they’re in need of a forever family. We strive to be a voice for the voiceless. We advocate for and help ease the burden for foster and adoptive families. For more information, please visit our website.

Seven Homes

Who We Are
Our mission at Seven Homes is to reach out to youth in need of love, safety, and stability.  The therapeutic vision of this mission is to serve the needs of the whole child.

We provide a wide range of managed placement support, family activities, and a nurturing approach that separates us from other agencies.  Foster and Adoptive families with Seven Homes frequently describe their relationship with us as being an extended member of their family.

In partnership with the NC Department of Social Services and the North Carolina Guardian- Ad- Litem Program, Seven Homes works to reunify families where possible or find a forever family when reunification fails.   Our ongoing priority will always be to provide the highest-quality care for the children placed in the homes of our foster care and adoptive parents. Our focus is to serve the needs of the “whole child”. We believe that children are best served when all of their spiritual, intellectual, physical, emotional, and recreational needs are served.

What We Do
Our Agency has three goals:

  1. The Reduction of Multiple Placements:
    This goal focuses on stopping foster children from bouncing from foster home to foster home. We accomplish this goal through our training program, our ability to match the child to the right family, and the support provided the family during placement.
  2. To Reduce the Amount of Time a Child Spends in Care: This goal focuses on achieving permanency for the child within a year. We accomplish this goal by embracing shared parenting with the birth families and working with them in their efforts for reunification. Our relationship with the birth family bears directly on the length of time a child stays in care.
  3. The Establishment of a Permanent Family: This goal focuses on the final outcome for the child. We accomplish this goal through our support of reunification when possible, or supporting the desire to adopt, or aggressively recruiting adoptive families when a forever family is not identified.

The Care Closet

Who We Are
A Mercy Hill family who wants to help other Mercy Hill families who have been called to foster or adopt by supplying them with some essentials when a child is first placed in their home.

What We Do
In order to serve our Mercy Hill Foster and Adoptive families the best way possible, we want to be an outlet our families can utilize when needed. The Care Closet is just that, a closet that is full of items that can be used by families as they adjust to life with new family members in their home. It is a great and tangible way to support our fostering and adopting families.

Another great part of the ministry is the donation of a knitted blanket to every child that will be placed in a Mercy Hill home. Regardless of their age or how long they are with the family, that blanket will stay with them.

Family Room

Who We Are
Our mission is to express the love of Christ to our community by meeting the practical needs of children and teens in foster care.

What We Do
Foster Families, we are here for you. We want to support foster families to the best of our abilities. If you are in need of a certain object or would like to schedule a time for pick-up please visit our contact page to find the best ways to reach us.

Youth Focus

Who We Are
Youth Focus is a local non-profit dedicated to serving Guilford County’s youth and families since 1971. A powerful collaboration of medical professionals, therapists, administrators and volunteers, Youth Focus offers substance abuse counseling, foster care, young women’s housing, counseling, emergency housing, school and educational groups, some covered by NC Health Choice, Medicaid or private insurance, and others available free of charge.

What We Do
In 1971, Youth Focus began providing counseling services to troubled youth on an outreach basis. Specifically, counselors would go into the community to provide services to our clients; in their homes, schools or wherever our clients were located. Today, over 45 years later, Youth Focus maintains a strong, family-based approach to care, involving parents, other family members and caregivers whenever possible.

Over time we added additional services in areas where we saw a strong need in the community; substance abuse, temporary housing, foster care.

MH Adoption & Foster Care Ministry

Who We Are
Mercy Hill’s Adoption & Foster Care Ministry exists to glorify the Father as we aid and encourage the church to provide gospel-driven care for vulnerable children and families through prayer, resources, support, and sacrificial generosity.

Our vision is to see families and individuals catalyzed to respond to the gospel by caring for children through adoption, foster care, child advocacy, and family care.

What We Do

  • International Adoption: The process of adopting a child from another culture can be both exciting and terrifying. In today’s changing landscape of international adoption, time and research are essential. Navigating this process is easier to accomplish with adequate support. We would love to know how the Lord is leading your family.
  • Domestic Adoption: Infants to teenagers across our country are longing to be a part of a loving family. We would love to walk alongside you as you discern how to move forward in this process and provide you with information regarding avenues our church members have successfully utilized in bringing their children home.
  • Foster Care: Thousands of children in our state are in need of loving families who are willing to open their homes and hearts to them. As a church we are working with our local Department of Social Services for Mapp Training and resources.
  • Global Care for Vulnerable Children: Many opportunities exist for individuals longing to care for vulnerable children globally. Consider child sponsorship, and keep watch for opportunities to serve with one of our partner organizations.
  • Child Advocacy: If you are interested in investing in the lives of vulnerable children in other ways than adoption or foster care, consider the Guardian ad Litem program, Big Brother/Big Sister, and mentoring/tutoring at local schools. Let us know, and we can connect you with opportunities to serve with our local ministry partners.
  • Family Support: Mercy Hill families are needed to support those who have adopted, are currently adopting, or who are serving children through foster care. We are looking for individuals/community groups who are willing to support these families through prayer, meals, babysitting, and respite care. Respite care requires training through the county’s Department of Social Services.
Mercy Hill Church - Chosen - Adoption and Foster Care - Love Live Prayer Walk

Mercy Hill Church will be partnering with Love Life during week four of our Chosen series, culminating in a Prayer Walk. Everyone is invited, and we encourage you to bring your whole family, including children for this powerful time of prayer for the cause of life.

Mercy Hill Church - Chosen - Adoption and Foster Care - Love Live Prayer Walk
Mercy Hill Church - Chosen - Adoption and Foster Care - Love Live Prayer Walk
Mercy Hill Church - Chosen - Adoption and Foster Care - Love Live Prayer Walk

Love Life Prayer Walk

  • Saturday, February 29

  • Greensboro, NC

    Destiny Church Parking Lot
    2401 Randleman Road,
    Greensboro, NC 27406

  • 9:00am-11:00am

    Please arrive by 8:40am to park and get checked in by 9:00am.

  • Wednesday, February 26, 2020

  • Greensboro, NC

    Regional Campus Worship Space
    7616 Business Park Dr.
    Greensboro, NC 27409

  • 12:00pm-1:00pm

Abortion Recovery Ministry

If you’ve ever had an abortion, we understand what you may be feeling. Come meet with a group, or one-on-one, to talk openly about choosing to heal from your experience. Abortion Recovery will help you work through the difficulties and tensions you may be facing after having an abortion. You will learn to confront your past abortion(s) and successfully cope with the emotional and spiritual consequences which often occur.

This class, led by the Greensboro Pregnancy Care Center, will be hosted at Mercy Hill starting in April. Please contact the Care Center via the phone number or email in the graphic.


We’re going to be receiving donations at all four of our campuses to supply several of our community partners with various items to be given to adoptive or foster families. All donations can be dropped off in the lobby of each campus, Sunday, March 8th.

Mercy Hill Church - Chosen - Adoption and Foster Care - Donations
Mercy Hill Church - Chosen - Adoption and Foster Care - Donations
Mercy Hill Church - Chosen - Adoption and Foster Care - Donations

Adoption Matching Fund

We are opening an Adoption Matching Fund for the duration of the Chosen series. Every dollar over and above your regular giving that is designated to this fund will be matched up to $100,000. This will help us in accomplishing our goal of 200 adoptive/foster families by the year 2025.

Mercy Hill Church - Adoption and Foster Care - Chosen - New Sermon Series - Chosen

Give in a Service

During our Chosen series you can give directly to the adoption fund by simply writing the word “Adoption” to the left of where it says “Total Gift” on the giving envelope.

Community Group Involvement

Starter Groups are a four-week Community Group experience hosted by your Campus Pastor at your campus. Attendees get to meet other people who are new to Community Groups, walk through what a Community Group does and feels like, and hear more about why we believe it is vital that you get connected. After the four weeks, your Campus Pastor will help you take the next steps to find a Community Group.

Mercy Hill Church Starter Groups

Starter Groups

Click the button below to register, or find out more info about Starter Groups.