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Welcome to the Mercy Hill Community Group leader resource page.

At Mercy Hill, we believe that discipleship happens in community.  Since we believe that Community Groups are the primary discipleship engine for our church, we want to do everything possible to train, encourage, and equip you for the role of Community Group leadership.  On this page, you will be able to access the Community Group teaching guides that we put out every week, as well as a calendar of events and our apprentice resources page.  Think of this page as the central hub for all the resources you need to lead your group. For leader access to Planning Center, click the button below.

Community Group Guides

Leaders, check out the video to the left that highlights our new Community Group guide structure. Click the button below to access the Community Group guides each week.

Mercy Hill Church Community Group Calendar

Community Group Calendar

Click the button below to take a look at each of the dates listed on the Community Group Calendar. Be sure to add the dates to your personal calendar so that you do not miss out on anything. It is vitally important that you make every effort to attend each and every event on the calendar so that you can stay connected to training, equipping, discipling, and vision casting.

Mercy Hill Church Baptism - Share Your Story

Share a Story

We are always encouraged to hear how God is moving at Mercy Hill through our Community Groups. Stories of personal transformation in your groups have the power to both encourage others and bring glory to God. Stories also inspire the Church to recount the faithfulness of God and worship him for all he’s done. As a Community Group leader, we want you to encourage your group members to share their stories amongst your group and with Mercy Hill. Click the button below to share a story from your group with us!

Mercy Hill Church - Community Groups - Become an Apprentice

Become an Apprentice

Thanks for taking the next step to serve as a Mercy Hill Apprentice Community Group Leader! As an Apprentice Leader, you will have the opportunity to experience the joys of group leadership and serving God through serving others!  We want to prepare and equip you for this task as best as we possibly can, so we have compiled a list of resources on this page for you to work through. After you work through each of the provided resources, we believe that you will have a clearer understanding of why we do groups the way that we do them and that out of that understanding, you will be able to lead more effectively. Take advantage of your time in the apprentice process by really digging in to each resource and internalizing the principles within. We look forward to seeing what God is going to do in and through you at Mercy Hill as you step into greater levels of service! Click the button below for the required resources for the apprentice process.

Need Help With Planning Center?

Planning Center Groups is an online application that will help you manage your members, plan events, take attendance, and share resources. If you need help understanding the ins and outs, check out our resource by clicking the button below.

Group Change Form

Things naturally change over time in your Community Group. Groups move to new locations, change leaders, add people, lose people, add new leaders, etc. All of this information is very important for the Community Groups team to stay on top of. As you make any of these changes, please fill out this form so that our team and your elder can keep up-to-date information.