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The Discipleship Wheel Explained

The discipleship wheel is a simple tool we use for discipleship. The center of the wheel represents the inward renewal the gospel brings. The five spokes of the wheel represent the outward signs of this renewal. The purpose of this tool is to diagnose one’s spiritual health, reveal underlying beliefs, and promote gospel-motivated transformation.

Before we are to do anything else, we are called to love God. That is the greatest commandment (Matt 22:37-39). Love, however, cannot be forced. It is the voluntary aligning of one’s affections onto that which one desires most. When we love God not because we have to, but because we want to, we experience a new kind of obedience to his commands. We find the source of that love in the gospel where Jesus died for our sins to restore us to God our father. The Christian life is a joyful response to this gospel.

2 Ways We Utilize the Discipleship Wheel

1. Coaching

The first way we utilize the discipleship wheel is through our coaching structure.  There are 10 coaching meetings every year, allowing us to cycle through the spokes of the wheel two times annually. Coaching group meetings take a break in July and December coinciding with when our Community Groups are on break.

Each month of coaching group in 2019, your Shepherding Elder will be teaching from the resource: Caring for One Another by Ed Welch. We highly encourage you to purchase this material to reach along and prepare for each month’s teaching. The goal in all of this is that we would dig into what the Bible says are the true marks of a growing disciple of Christ and apply those principles to our lives.






2. Teaching

The second way we utilize the discipleship wheel is through the weekly Community Group guides. As you faithfully lead each and every week, we want to provide you with a balanced selection of biblical teaching—giving due attention to each spoke of the discipleship wheel. The goal is that, at the end of the year, we can look back and say with confidence that our people were fed a steady and balanced diet of biblical teaching. The way that this looks practically is that each of the group guides created this year will fall into one of the 5 categories outlined in the discipleship wheel.