Community Group Calendar

Be sure to add the dates below to your personal calendar so that you do not miss out on anything. It is vitally important that you make every effort to attend each and every event on the calendar so that you can stay connected to training, equipping, discipling, and vision casting. These dates will be updated on a quarterly basis, so make sure to check back every few months!

  • January 5

    Community Groups resume

  • January 9-26


  • February 17

    All Leader Gathering

  • March 4, 11, 18, 25

    Starter Groups

  • April 9-26


  • May 18

    All Leader Gathering

  • June 13 - September 12

    Community Groups Break

  • August 22-September 12

    Fall Grouplink

  • September 13-November 21

    Fall Group Session

  • September 14

    All Leader Gathering

  • November 6-8

    All Leader Retreat

  • November 22-Jan 16

    Community Groups Break