• Mercy Hill Church Equip Seminars - Summer 2019

Building Up Our Foundations through Equip

At Mercy Hill, we give you three ways to connect to biblical teaching and grow in your daily walk with God: 1) the weekend sermon, 2) your Community Group lesson, and 3) the Equip seminars. Equip is designed to target specific topics and life stages of the church in order to bring theological and practical training to you in the areas that warrant specific attention.

This summer, we are providing seminars that will work on essential characteristics of your daily Christian walk.

1. The Gospel in a World of Religions

This is the new seminar on the block this season, but it is honed-in on something essential for Christians: sharing the gospel with our neighbors of different faiths. This can seem a daunting and impossible task, but we have really good news to share with them. This class will go over some of the other worldviews you might come into contact with and how to share the gospel with the people who hold them.

2. How to Read the Bible

Daily meditation on Scripture should be the goal of every Christian, but many of us have no idea where to start. This seminar seeks to give you the grand story of the Bible and the tools for reading and studying it that will help propel you towards getting the most out of God’s word.

3. Biblical Parenting

The verdict is out: parenting is hard. On top of that, as Christians, we are called to parent our kids in a way that helps them follow Christ and be about the things that God is about. It’s important that we learn good theology and practical tips from those who are currently trying to parent faithfully and gracefully, and especially those who have gone before us in doing so.

4. Marriage Matters

Last semester, we revamped our marriage class to be a workshop style class taught by elder couples, and it went really well! Marriage is something that is extremely prominent to humanity, and the Bible says that a healthy marriage reflects the gospel to the world. But divorce is also prominent, both in the church and in the world. Satan wants to attack marriage in any way that he can so that there are no healthy marriages to reflect Jesus’ love for the church. This seminar is designed to teach people in any life season how to daily protect their marriage and walk in faithfulness.

5. Financial Peace

Generosity is one of the biggest revealers of our hearts for God. When we are content in Christ and we are committed to his mission, giving our money to that mission is our joy. But many in America today are wrapped up in debt and living paycheck to paycheck. Getting out of debt and taking back control of our finances needs to be the first step towards being generous for many of us. It takes sacrifice, but like Dave Ramsay says, you may need to live like no one else now, so you can give like no one else then.

-Alex Nolette (Equip Coordinator)

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