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Building Community by Serving During Kids Week

The big idea from Pastor Andrew’s message a few weeks ago was that the gospel builds a new community. Community is extremely personal because everyone brings and receives something different. Different experiences, perspectives, and a willingness to be vulnerable facilitates true community growth. We are called by God to be in community with one another, and community allows us to witness Jesus’ love, grace, and mercy in each other’s lives. One way that community grows closer together is by serving together.

Personally, some of the best friendships and the deepest community I have are with those I serve with around Mercy Hill Kids. The kids have a unique way of pouring back into the team members by reminding us of the simplicity of the gospel. The joy and laughter created while children learn about Christ distracts us from our hectic lives and softens our hearts. The community that is found in serving reminds us of all that God has done for us and promises us.

Kids Are Some of the Best Gospel Community

The human heart longs to be in community with God, yet many people do not have true gospel community in their lives. Kids Week creates one of the greatest opportunities to build and experience gospel community within the church. It is like a Mercy Hill open house with a huge opportunity to engage our local community inside the church walls. As Pastor Andrew said, “Being around the new community is not the same as being the new community.” How are you responding to the gospel message? Are you using your time, talent, and treasure to advance the gospel? Is your Community Group viewing Kids Week as a Serve Week?

Kids Week is an organized opportunity for us to be people of God organically. This year, your group can sign up for the same areas at your campus and serve together. You can also split out into teams to best use your talents or challenge yourself to find new ones. With the growth in the church, it will take over 500 volunteers to serve the 900 kids we are praying will attend. It’s a great opportunity for your group to deepen your relationships with each other and form new relationships with others outside your group. I do not know what all God has in store for you or your group by serving at Kids Week, but I do know there is a place for you to serve and an opportunity to be used to glorify God.

-Jeremy Johnson (MH Member)