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Reality Behind Bars in Greensboro

If you’re anything like me then the first thing that comes to mind when you think about prison is a bald, tattooed guy in handcuffs who looks like an NFL linebacker ready for combat. I picture every prison movie I’ve ever seen and imagine all incarcerated people do is bench press in the “yard” all day long waiting to jump into the next brawl. While there may be a hint of truth in these images, Hollywood and our imaginations have created pictures like this when the reality is often much different.

The reality we don’t see is that a block off of Elm Street in downtown Greensboro there are Christians sharing the Gospel several times a week with 700 inmates. These aren’t criminals that you’d see on a TV special, often times they’re just people who made some bad decisions which have legal consequences. They may be mothers, fathers, or employees who have hit yet another road block in their life that they’ll have to overcome if they get released. While the justice system does their part to rehabilitate these individuals, it’s us as followers of Christ who should see this as a perfect opportunity to share the Good News to people whose spirit needs eternal rehabilitation.

What better way to share with a father in prison who worries how his family will survive than to point him to our true Father who weeps for his children in the same way? What better time to share the news that Christ died for our sins than with a young man who questions if life is worth living anymore because he sees the uphill struggle his illegal decisions bring.

Here’s what we’re asking Mercy Hill – we need people from our church to help lead small Bible studies on Saturday or Sundays at the county jail once every few months. We’ll teach you how to lead a study and provide you with all the materials you need. We need you to check out the training for this the end of October and give it a shot. I guarantee you’ll be surprised at what God can teach you when you step outside your comfort zone for His glory!

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Written by: Andy Smith (Community Missions)