Mercy Hill Church - Kyle Burge - Baptism Story

Baptism Story – Kyle Burge

Last weekend at Mercy Hill was an incredibly powerful weekend of baptisms. We wanted to share a few stories of some of the people who were baptized. 

“Not growing up in church, God was a very foreign concept to me. My journey to God started after I closed my coffee shop in Greensboro. I went through a wave of depression after closing the store. Closing a business to some may not seem like much, but it was my entire life, and it consumed me daily. I made the decision to start attending Mercy Hill with my wife. God sure does have a funny way of calling you to him. Each week the sermons had a direct impact on myself personally (life changes) and also my wife and I as a couple. After attending the Weekender, we became much more involved, and God was working on my heart the whole time. As he was working, I grew closer to him, and I decided to get baptized on Easter Sunday. My story is a perfect example of God’s love and grace. If you have faith and trust in the Lord, he will guide you.” -Kyle Burge

Don’t forget that we are baptizing again this week at all 3 campuses! If God has brought you from death to life, then your next step of obedience is to publicly declare that he is the Lord of your life! If you have questions about baptism or you’re ready to sign up, click here.