Baptism as our response to the Gospel!

The major takeaway from Sunday’s sermon was this, “until you realize your sentence, you won’t look for a Savior”. In Esther chapter 3 we find a people who were assimilated into Persian culture. They were no longer living separate lives to the glory of God. But through certain events the people found themselves in a dire situation. Because Mordecai refused the king’s command to bow to Haman, all of the Jewish people sat under a death sentence.

Similar to the situation in Esther 3, we too sit under a death sentence because of our sin. God has given us life and breathe that we might glorify Him. But instead of pouring out our lives for His glory, we have turned our backs and run away. Every time we sin we are saying, “God, I will not bow to you and your ways”. If Xerxes then had any reason to come against the Jews, how much more reason does a holy God have to come up against sin in the world? This is why the situation our sin creates is dire for us all. The Bible says in Romans 6, “The wages of sin is death”, and that’s what it means.

While this should be the end of the story for us, praise God it is not! Our God is in the business of coming through when there seems no way at all. In the book of Esther, a young Jewish girl steps in for her people and delivers them. But all of this points to the ultimate deliverer we have in Christ! Ultimately Jesus Christ stands in on behalf of humanity. In his perfection we have an answer to our imperfection. In His death, we have a chance for true life.

The question is, what sort of response is appropriate when someone comes to believe that Jesus has indeed taken their place? Well I think a proper response can look many different ways, but it should never be anything short of total surrender. On October 6th we will celebrate a wonderful Savior by baptizing in our services. Baptism is a public declaration that a person has decided to follow Jesus with reckless abandon. In baptism we are acknowledging that because Jesus went into death to save me, I will spend my life pouring out for him. The pastoral team at Mercy Hill is praying diligently that all those folks who have come to Christ throughout the last couple months at Mercy Hill will take this public step on October 6th. If that means you, then sign up here!

Click here to register for baptism.

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