Baptism: A Display of Trust

BAPTISTMS (2)“What prevents me from being baptized?”

For the Ethiopian eunuch who spoke these words in Acts 8:36, nothing prevented him because he had just heard Philip explain from Scripture the good news about Jesus and trusted Jesus for his salvation. But is there something preventing you?

I once knew a grown man who had been a believer for several years but had never been baptized.  His name was Allen.  He knew he should get baptized, but what prevented him was a fear – the fear of being dropped in the water and unable to get back up!  His stereotype of pastors being clumsy was laughable, but for him this fear was not.  But then he came to the conclusion that if getting baptized gave honor to Jesus his Lord, Jesus was able to keep him from drowning.  If Allen was to trust Jesus with his entire life, he could also trust Jesus to follow him in baptism.

Obedience always entails trust, and baptism is no exception. In fact, baptism is a symbol of our repentance to stop trusting ourselves or false gods for salvation and trust Jesus alone.  And when we change what we trust, we change how we live.  Baptism tells others, “I now belong to Jesus, he has rescued me from sin and death, I’m putting my old ways behind me and committed to live for Jesus first!”  If there is any area in your life where you are not fully obeying Jesus, ask yourself what are you really trusting for your happiness, security or justification?  The thing that prevents you is the thing you are trusting more than Jesus.

It was a joy for me to witness Allen’s baptism – and I am happy to report he was not dropped! His baptism was a time to celebrate because it depicted how his life changed when he put his full trust in Jesus and committed to living in obedience.  Your life will change too when you put your full trust in Jesus.

Don’t forget to come witness the baptisms happening this Sunday at Mercy Hill!  It will be an incredible display of the gospel’s life-changing power!  You can also be baptized if you have never done so as a follower of Jesus, just let us know and we’ll contact you about getting baptized.

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