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Risk is Right

As a College Pastor, I have the privilege and responsibility of working with the most strategic group of people on the planet. College students are transient and adventurous. If you ask most college graduates, they will tell you that they were most willing to try anything when in college whether it was for good or […]

The Vision of Mercy Hill Worship

Sunday’s sermon was taken from Mark 11 when Jesus, before entering the temple, cursed the fig tree. Even though the tree was leafy green, it didn’t bear any fruit. Jesus was teaching through an enacted parable that it is possible to be full of religious activity on the outside and be spiritually dead on the inside. […]

You Need to Stop Freaking Out about Your Kids

Sometimes the truth about reality can sound a bit, well, harsh. The above title is actually the subtitle that Kevin DeYoung gives to his chapter on parenting in the book Crazy Busy. And it’s here that DeYoung drags into the light a curious and concerning problem that most parents (including godly Christian ones—maybe especially godly […]

Obstacles to Biblical Community

Life is full of obstacles. If you’ve been on this planet for a while then you know exactly what I’m talking about. Heck, if you’ve ever been to the DMV, then you definitely know what I’m talking about. Many times when we think of obstacles, we think of things that are outside of us or […]

What’s The Deal with the Equip Seminars?

First of all, I want to make sure that everyone is absolutely clear. As most of you know, Mercy Hill is taking a summer break from Community Groups. In their place, we are offering a choice between three seminars that will each meet four times (i.e. July 13th, 20th, 27th, and August 3rd). Those who […]

The Whisper

In nearing the end of our Wisdom Is series, we picked up the theme of gossip and slander this week. The whisper (gossip and slander) is like so many other issues in Proverbs. Naturally, whispering appeals to us though it is destructive for human flourishing and absolutely not what we were created to do. In the […]

College Summer Group

It’s summer time, the season you’ve been waiting for! Exams are done, school is over and you’re back at home. You are starting your summer job, going to the pool and hanging out with the fam. Yet, there is something missing — all your friends from school. The community you had during school is no […]

Creating a Culture

Ask yourself this: “As a parent, do I desire the most exciting, joy-filled, satisfying life there is for my child?” Being a parent of 3 small children I would have to resoundingly say, “Of course!” My guess is you would say the same. What decent parent wouldn’t want that for his/her child? The two questions […]