Attention College Students…

Brad was a normal college freshman.  He had grown up in church and professed Christ as his Savior.  Brad was going to school to study business and when asked what he wanted to do with that business degree Brad would simply reply, “Make lots of money.”  But something happened to Brad – he gradually started to connect with his local church where he heard the gospel preached week in and week out.  Gradually his aspirations, life goals, and even current priorities started to change.  He no longer saw business as a means of simply making money but as a means of glorifying God and His kingdom.

As a church, Mercy Hill desires to get college students connected in order to hear many more “Brad” stories – students who begin to see how the gospel changes everything.   That is why this Sunday night – right after the service – we will be hosting College Connect at Bur Mil Park.  There we will feed you an awesome dinner and give you a chance to see how much Mercy Hill Church values college students.  Start inviting your friends and we look forward to connecting with you on Sunday.

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