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Are You Missing Out? Sunday Is Only Half of What We Do

If you come to Mercy Hill every Sunday, we are thankful that you want to learn and grow in the gospel together with us. Sunday is a great time of worship and hearing God’s word, but there is a chance that you are missing out. You see, Sunday is only half of what we do as a church, and frankly, it is not even the central thing about our church.

Community groups are central to Mercy Hill. We say that we are a church of community groups, not a church with community groups, which might be shocking to you. This means that if you are not a group, there’s an important sense in which you are not a part of Mercy Hill. Community Groups are where discipleship happens, which is the word taught and life caught. We gather together weekly to dive deeper into Sunday’s sermon and discuss ways in which what we learned can manifest itself in our lives. Really, that’s the entire point of God’s word, to transform us. Being in community with other believers allows for accountability and to be praying specifically and in depth for one another, and to build genuine, loving relationships. This is how the Bible envisions the body of Christ working.

If you are not in a Community Group, we have made it very easy to get in one. This is through Grouplink. Our next Grouplink is on May 5th and you can sign up for it here: Just pick an available group and show up to our Edgefield event space at 6:30 on the 5th to have dinner with your new group and group leaders.

Check out the video below for more info!

-Alex Nolette (Equip Associate)