Announcing Our New Series: The Master’s Plan

Mercy Hill,

This week, we are beginning a new sermon series that corresponds to one area of focus we have for 2018: evangelism. We will be walking through certain sections of the Gospel of John to learn from the greatest evangelist to ever walk the earth on how we should share the gospel. This evangelist is none other than the Master himself, Jesus.

Sermon Schedule

Here is the upcoming schedule for those who want to read ahead or read along:

  • March 1st and 4th— Follow Me (John 1:35-51)
  • March 8th and 11th—Born Again (John 3:1-15)
  • March 15th and 18th—Living Water (John 4:1-26)
  • March 22nd and 25th—Healing and Belief (John 4:46-54)

Featured Book Resource

The Master Plan of Evangelism by Robert E. Coleman

“Instead of drawing on the latest popular fad or the newest selling technique, Robert E. Coleman looks to the Bible to find the answer to the question, What was Christ’s strategy for evangelism? Through a thorough examination of the gospel accounts, Coleman points out unchanging, simple, yet profound biblical principles of how to emulate Christ to others.”[1]

Practical Book Resources

Honest Evangelism by Rico Tice

“Hostility and hunger that’s the response to the message of Jesus. The first is painful, the second is wonderful, and Rico Tice is honest about both. Short, clear, realistic and humorous, this book will challenge you to be honest in your conversations about Jesus, help you to know how to talk about him, and thrill you that God can and will use ordinary people to change eternal destinies.”

Sharing Jesus without Freaking Out: Evangelism the Way You Were Born to Do It by Alvin Reid

“God created you for his glory to advance his gospel with the gifts, talents, and opportunities he gave you. You live at this time in history for a purpose bigger than yourself. In these pages you will read how to connect the gospel story with your story, and how to talk about that story in normal conversations with people you know. No gimmicks. Nothing clever. No need to freak out. Just you, Jesus, and others—in conversations that matter.”

Theology Book Resource

Evangelism and the Sovereignty of God by J.I. Packer

“If God is in control of everything, can Christians sit back and not bother to evangelize? Or does active evangelism imply that God is not really sovereign at all? J. I. Packer shows . . . how both of these attitudes are false. In a careful review of the biblical evidence, he shows how a right understanding of God’s sovereignty is not so much a barrier to evangelism as an incentive and powerful support for it. . . . Evangelism and the Sovereignty of God is truly a classic that should be read by every Christian.”

-Alex Nolette (Equip Coordinator/Community Groups)


[1] All info is from Amazon