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Announcing Our New Series: Not a Religion

The culture inherently understands religion as “things we do to earn favor with God.” The problem is that that is also God’s definition of false religion. Defining our relationship to God through behavior is a religion of human making, not God’s. Instead of religion, the Bible gives us the gospel. It’s not about what we do to earn his favor; it’s about what he has done to win our affection. The gospel isn’t tenets to follow but divine actions to respond to. In short, the gospel is not a religion; the gospel is an irresistible love story of God’s pursuit of humanity and our joyful response.

Sermon Schedule

Here is the upcoming schedule for those who want to read ahead, and we’ll be in Titus 2:11-15 all four weeks.

  • Week 1: April 18 and 21
  • Week 2April 25 and 28
  • Week 3May 2 and 5
  • Week 4May 9 and 12

Featured Sermon Series Resource 

Not a Religion reading guide: We have selected three separate passages to go with the themes of the Not a Religion series. This companion reading guide will last through the whole series and can be downloaded in full at the link provided. Or, you can have the verses and commentary sent to your email every day by texting MHPLAN to 41411.

-Alex Nolette (Equip Coordinator/Community Groups)