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And we back! And we back! 

As I sit here and think back on Sunday night, I’m in awe of who God is and of his love and his kindness shown to us through the Fall Launch of College Live.

Why? Because Sunday night was fun. Sunday night was a blast! God gathered over 400 college students in two places to worship him and enjoy him. But it doesn’t stop there! Our Fall Launch for College Live was a place for friends to reunite, new friendships to develop, and God’s people to be in genuine and authentic fellowship. I look back on how sweet that night was, and I have no other response but to thank God for inviting us into his love and experiencing deep fellowship the way he desires us to do.

Let’s start from the beginning!

The Fall Launch went down at 6:30 pm for the first time at our High Point campus and for a new year at our Clifton Rd. campus. Students showed up with their cars packed full of new faces and old faces, too!
The MH College family was back in full gear.

After three months offline, MH College Live went live in, not one, but two locations; a true reflection of God’s grace and multiplication. Although our MH College family is now in two places, the uniting of our college students was both joyful and encouraging. Seeing a variety of people, faces, personalities, and ages together in one room, praising one King, was sweet to my eyes.

We, as college staff, have been counting down the days for this night! To have all our students back in the Triad gathering together every Sunday night is one of the many reasons we love what we do.

Students meeting other students, strangers becoming friends, walls breaking down, the sound of laughter… all of it took place this past Sunday night. Our students bonded over some good ole’ southern cooking, because who doesn’t love BBQ with mac n cheese?

This Fall Launch Party was nothing short of fun. And if you missed it, don’t worry, there is more fun to come this semester! We would love for you to come and spend your Sunday nights with us at College Live. Hanging around MH College, you will find a place to belong both as friends and as family. We take community seriously because it is in our core; we were designed for it. So, come! Join our family and let’s chase after Jesus together.

-Rilee Blackwell (College Team)