Mercy Hill is all about the Gospel changing lives. Not only lives here in the Triad, but lives all around the world.

That’s why when Mercy Hill was only four months old, our people gave 18 thousand dollars in the month of December to be given away for missions. As a church that young and audio speakers catching on fire, we certainly could have used the extra cash. But supporting partners who are taking the Gospel to people in hard to reach places was our priority. Places like South Asia where we support church planters working in a region where 22 people groups have no access to the Gospel. And then again this past December, our people gave 53 thousand dollars above and beyond their normal monthly giving in order to fuel church planting and Kingdom work.

Ask our pastors why Mercy Hill was planted in the South and they will tell you without hesitation that it was to raise up men and women and send them out to advance the Gospel to the ends of the earth. We want to send our best. And so it was with great excitement that we commissioned our first missionary from within the ranks of Mercy Hill this past Sunday. Amy Overton went to Northwest Guilford High School then on to UNC Chapel Hill for college. She moved back to Greensboro and has been a great asset to Mercy Hill. Now she is leveraging her life for the Gospel by moving to Western Europe where 99% of the people do not have a personal relationship with Jesus. Here’s a video that will give you a glimpse of Amy’s story and her passion to see Jesus exalted among the nations:

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