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A Man and His Traps: Men’s Bible Study

Throughout history, traps have been widely used to catch prey, to kill predators and often to simply lure and deceive the “blind.” One common method of luring innocent prey or even an enemy in battle was to disguise a deep pit, covering it to conceal the deathly traps below, all unbeknownst to its victims. In Christianity, the devil sets traps and ambushes us so that we will take our eyes off Jesus and become ineffective for Him at home and in ministry.

This fall, the men of Mercy Hill will continue our journey to Authentic Biblical Manhood. For the next six weeks we will be studying “A Man and His Traps.” There are several common pitfalls and struggles that all men deal with. As men, we are all tempted and at times will stumble. During this series, we will be discussing the common topics that men struggle with including:


  • Idols – the deep heart issues that lead us into temptations and sin;
  • Empty promises – the lies offered by our idols;
  • Battle Plan – how to defeat and replace these idols;
  • How to fight the battle of lust;
  • How to fight the battle of control;
  • How to fight the battle of significance and comfort.


It is critical that we completely understand these traps and temptations, as well as the false promises that they offer. We must learn to be equipped to overcome these traps by applying Biblical truths in an authentic community of men.

This is an invitation and a challenge to study and learn these biblical truths. We cannot take on this battle alone. Proverbs 27:17 says “as iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.” We need each other as we fight the battle! Our prayer is that, by God’s grace, He will bring victory, freedom and joy in the lives of Mercy Hill men this fall.

Men… come and join us on Friday mornings!

We will meet at the Mercy Hill Campus 6:15am – 7:30am Friday mornings starting October 10th.

If interested, fill out the form below and someone will contact you shortly!

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