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Abortion. A True Tragedy.

Abortion. It’s one of the greatest human tragedies of all time.


There are really two directions we as the Church should take to end abortion now: (1) Go from the ground-up, changing one life at a time like we do at Greensboro Pregnancy Care Center; and (2) Go from the top-down, changing the laws of the United States which dictate the cultural ethos of our time. I have hope, but it’s a never-ending road in a broken world.


If you’re like a lot of Christians, you may not know anything about abortion. I get that; it’s not an easy subject to talk about; it’s pretty brutal. But ignoring problems don’t make them go away. So, this blog post is meant to help you learn.


Below are a bunch of resources you can use to familiarize yourself with abortion in our culture, most of which I’ve personally found helpful in educating myself on abortion.


  • Unplanned: The Dramatic True Story of a Former Planned Parenthood Leader’s Eye-Opening Journey across the Life Line by Abby Johnson. Abby will actually be the keynote speaker at Greensboro Pregnancy Care Center’s Benefit Dinner this year on Friday, October 2. In her book, she tells her crazy story of going from pro-choice to pro-life.
  • The Case for Life: Equipping Christians to Engage the Cultureby Scott Klusendorf is a great book. He and Greg Koukl also have a helpful video training based on this book. Stand to Reason has a lot of good articles on abortion (StR on Abortion).
  •, with which Greensboro Pregnancy Care Center is affiliated, has good resources, as well. Here’s a 5-minute video response to a girl’s comment about her being happy with having had an abortion: CareNet: Video. You can look around on their website for more resources. They have several good PDF resources on abortion, including one digital booklet by Randy Alcorn called “Why Pro-Life?”
  • If you want to keep up with laws concerning abortion in our nation, just keep up with the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC): ERLC on Abortion.
  • Here are some random resources on various topics concerning abortion, porn, and sexuality. Some may be of use in getting into the abortion issue further: Make Up Your Own Mind – Resources, especially the article by Tollefsen from the Witherspoon Institute on when human life begins: The Public Discourse.
  • If you’re interested in simply knowing what the various abortion procedures involve, check out the Care Center’s website: GPCC-Abortion.
  • I also love Matt Chandler’s sermons based on the abortion topic. Here’s one I found helpful from last year: Jan 2014 – Sanctity of Human Life. He has more from years past that would be worth looking up. The Village also had a good blog with more resources on the topic of abortion I thought were helpful: Village Blog on Abortion.



Well, I hope these resources help you. If you ever want to swing by the Care Center, or meet with me for coffee or something to talk about abortion, I’d love to do that. It’s too important not to talk about. We have a real chance to see the end of abortion in the United States in our lifetime. Let’s work together to make it happen.


Carter Mundy is the Assistant Executive Director at Greensboro Pregnancy Care Center, and a community group leader and elder at Mercy Hill. You can follow him on Twitter @carter_pm