Mercy Hill Church Thursday Service Blog

A Thursday Service, Really?

Yes, really. There are many good reasons for it. When you think about it, there are many jobs, especially in the health and services industries, that require an occasional Sunday shift. Nursing, law-enforcement, restaurants, fire departments, retail, etc. People that have these types of jobs either can’t come every Sunday or can’t come on Sunday at all. A Thursday service provides them another opportunity to get involved in the worship gathering of Mercy Hill.

Also, think about those who are interested in checking out a church. For those not used to attending church at all, having to give any time from their weekend may seem unreasonable. Therefore, sometime during the week is a great time for people to check out Mercy Hill for the first time!

And finally, the truth is, we are once again filling up a couple of our Sunday morning services and so the Thursday service provides an opportunity for regular attenders and members to serve the church by coming Thursday to open space for new attendees of our Sunday morning services.

I hope that you’ll come worship with us on Thursdays at 6:30pm at our Regional Rd campus. Everything will be exactly the same as it is on Sunday with live worship, live preaching, and MH Kids. We officially launch our Thursday services on February 16th. Here’s a video that will give you more information: