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A Parent’s Guide to Sex by God’s Design

Everyone is talking about sex. It permeates everything in our culture. As Christians we have a responsibility to speak the truth of God’s word into these conversations on sex because God designed it for a purpose. As a parent—and the primary disciple-maker in your home—it is your God-given responsibility to make sure that you are speaking regularly with your kids about it. So, we put together this guide with a summary of the themes of each of the sermons to give you a heads up on how to frame these conversations throughout the sermon series. The two weeks that are marked by an asterisk (*) have been deemed as PG-13, but it is entirely up to you as the parent to consider whether those weeks are age appropriate.

Sex by God’s Design Schedule

  • Week 1: September 6 and 9—Overview – Marriage and sex are not an end in themselves, they are an expression. Marriage and sex are the ray, but God is the sun. Brokenness and beauty.
  • Week 2*: September 13 and 16—Song 1; 2:1-7 – Sexual desire is a natural desire for humanity. Christians can’t be prudish about sex because it is a passion that God has given.
  • Week 3: September 20 and 23—Song 3:6-11 – What does is it look like to be a man in terms of relationships, human sexuality, and marriage?
  • Week 4: September 27 and 30—Song 2:5-7; 4 – What does is it look like to be a woman in terms of relationships, human sexuality, and marriage?
  • Week 5*: October 11 and 14—Song 4:9-5:1 – Christians don’t value sex less than the world, but more. We see it as a union of body and soul.
  • Week 6: October 18 and 21—Song 4:1-7; 5:10-16 – Jesus loves us more than we love each other. God sees the beauty in us because of Christ’s work.
  • Week 7: October 25 and 28—Song 8:11-12 – Sexuality is the battleground for obedience. We will either practice sex in his design or our design.