"A Generous December"!!!

I wanted to go ahead and give everyone a preview of that is coming up at Mercy hill over the next month and a half. We couldn’t be more excited to be rolling out our end of the year campaign called “A Generous December.” Over the next 6 weeks or so you will be hearing about this a lot so let me a take a minute and give you a sneak peak! The end of the year has traditionally been a time when churches like ours focus on giving above and beyond to the cause of church planting around the world. Planting churches is near and dear to the collective heart of Mercy Hill and so we do not want to miss out on this opportunity to give. After much prayer and deliberation, the elders of Mercy Hill have decided to call our congregation to sacrificially give for the sake of God’s global mission during this Christmas season.

As I said before, you will begin to hear many details regarding this campaign over the next few weeks. But for now, let me generally answer two questions. First, how exactly will this offering work? “A Generous December” will not be a special offering that we do on a special day. Instead we, as a church, will set ourselves to taking in at least $10,000 over what we are normally receiving in a given month. For the month of December then, hopefully everyone will stretch themselves in giving, adding to their “normal” offering what else they would like to give towards “A Generous December”. This will mean different things to different people. For some, it may mean giving to Mercy Hill Church for the very first time. For others, it may mean moving from what seems comfortable into giving more of an actual tithe (10%). And for those who already practice giving their first fruits to God it will mean digging deeper and truly giving above and beyond for the sake of the mission.

The second question off course is, what will be done with the $10,000? I am glad you asked because this is the exciting part! We plan on splitting the money between church planting here in the States and overseas. One thing we value very much at Mercy Hill Church is partnerships and this money will certainly be used to help new works that we already support. Here in the States, we will be giving directly to the team planting Redeemer City Church (http://redeemerbaltimore.com/) in Baltimore in 2013. The other half will be used to fund church planter trainings in India with our partners Craig and Danielle, as well as giving generally to International Mission Board.

Members of Mercy Hill, this is an ambitious goal! If we have seen anything so far as a church it is that God can truly do more than we think to ask or imagine. I am praying that He will do great things through us in this season of generosity. Begin to pray now about what God would have you do!

– Andrew Hopper

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