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712 Students: Jesus Has More for You Than Pizza

Life is hard. If you are a teenager or the parent of a teenager, I can’t begin to imagine the whirlwind that your life has spiraled into with the start of this school year. From sports teams practicing, to homework, to band practice, to club involvement, to having a social life, to not forgetting to eat, and everything else in between, it seems as if there is no discernable refuge from the onslaught of things you could be investing in.

If you are a student, by this point in your life, you probably feel the pressure to have a five-year and ten-year life plan, to have your major and post graduate plans nailed down, to start thinking about picking a spouse, and to potentially start up that 401(k) you need to retire before age 97. You are essentially called to decide by the age of fourteen to know exactly who you are, what you want with your life, and how you plan to get it.

Jesus Is Greater than Your Plans

I remember these big plans in my own life. I was going to go play college golf, finish up school as hassle free as possible by finding the easiest major on campus, slide right on to the PGA tour, get a sweet German Shepherd dog, and find a honey to bask in the awesomeness with. If I were to have said, “Man my life would be okay if ____________________” the genius plan outlined above would have filled in that blank.

Before I could make these utterly ridiculous dreams come true, something happened to my plan. I found myself in constant contact with an adult in my life that kept sharing the love of Jesus with me relentlessly. I grew up in church, so I had a context for the things he was saying to me. I just never really considered that Jesus could have a role in my day-to-day life. It wasn’t long after these consistent encounters with someone sharing the Gospel with me that Jesus came in and had a field day destroying the flawless life plan I had set out.

Jesus is Worth Your Life

Our world and our American culture specifically offer an uncountable amount of things for you to center your life around. The problem is that none of these offerings lead to a lasting joy. This leaves the only answer to our need for fulfillment in the Gospel of King Jesus. One of the many reasons we are excited to launch 712 this fall is to bring students face to face with this Gospel message and get them around Jesus adoring adults that won’t hesitate to speak this truth into their lives.

I have no idea what your experience is with other student ministries at other churches, if any. You may be used to monthly outings to Carowinds, Wet ‘n Wild, fifth quarters, death by pizza parties, lock-ins, and the like. What you will find at 712 here at Mercy Hill is a much simpler offering for you as a student to come face-to-face with the God of the Bible every single week. Programs aren’t bad they just aren’t the goal. Discipleship is the goal, and 712 is our avenue for making that happen.

Our hope is to throw a massive wrench into the gears of all the plans you have set out for your life, students. We want you to radically orient your life around the one who laid his life down for yours and make the chief end of your life ensuring that there isn’t one person left on this earth that hasn’t heard Jesus’ name.

Our team has prayed and has worked tirelessly all summer to assure that between all the things competing for your affections and your time we can hold Jesus up as the only thing worth pursuing with reckless abandon. We can’t wait to see you this Wednesday, September 7th at 7:12pm at our Edgefield facility (3530 Edgefield Rd. Greensboro, NC 27409) for an incredible launch to our fall semester.

-Clay Holland (Student Ministry Director)