Big Game Party!

At Mercy Hill Church we seek to capitalize on every opportunity to invite people to experience what God is doing among us. That is why we pick strategic times throughout the year to throw parties that are geared towards building relationships. The Big Game coming up on February 3rd affords us a wonderful opportunity to do just that!

On February 3rd our service will be held at a different time and location. We will start the service 5pm instead of 6pm and we will a gather at 7616 Business Park Drive instead of Bur-mil Park. We will have an awesome service at 5pm and then hang out and watch the game on the big screens. This should be an incredible time to bring a friend, build some relationships, and eat alot of wings! Spread the word and we will see you at 7616 Business Park Drive, at 5pm, on Feb 3rd.

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