Mercy Hill College Ministry - Spring Break Tips Blog

5 Tips for a Purposeful Spring Break

Spring Break is upon us! I feel like the semester just started, but the Spring semester happens fast. Before you go on break, or if you are currently on break, here are 5 tips to maximize your Spring Break experience.

1. Read a book

I know what you’re thinking. “I hate reading; I read enough in school.” All I know to tell you is that God revealed himself through a book, therefore Christians are readers. When God saved you, he saved you to a people really crazy about a book. (Have you heard of the Bible?) So, while you are on Spring Break, use some of your time to read God’s word, the Bible. You want to hear from God? Read his book. Maybe even read something you’ve wanted to get to all semester, but just did not have the time.

2. Invite someone new to join you

Wherever you spend your Spring Break, invite someone outside your immediate friend group to join you. Just because you have plans doesn’t mean everyone does. Imagine, a whole week with someone connected to life-giving community, it could change their life. Use your Spring Break as an opportunity to pull others further into community and, hopefully, closer to Jesus.

3. Stay connected to the church

I know it’s a break, but that doesn’t mean you disconnect yourself from the local church. I would invite you to attend the Thursday service at our Regional Campus before you leave and come back in time for the next Sunday when you get back. Many of you serve every week and we need you — you are a part of our church! So consider working your break around serving. Breaks don’t have to mean disconnecting, go the extra step and be intentional about staying connected.

4. Be intentional with those around you

It’s easy to make Spring Break all about ourselves. We tell ourselves that, “we have worked hard and we deserve this time.” Yet, Jesus has called us to a life of mission. That doesn’t mean we cannot talk about anything else, but it does mean that Jesus’ mission shapes every moment of our lives. Therefore, be intentional with those around you. Have deep conversations with your friends and the new people you may meet. Be a learner, ask about their lives and backgrounds. Ask good questions and listen well. The Gospel changes everything so finding how it relates to your specific conversation should be seamless. Don’t feel like you must have this big conversation, just weave the Gospel into what you are talking about. The main thing is: be intentional and have a real friendship.

5. Get some rest

If you know nothing about me, you need to know that I take rest very seriously! (Ask the College Staff Team) Now when I say rest, yes, I mean sleep, but I mean so much more than that. Physical sleep is only the beginning! Rest is often not sleeping, but doing something you don’t usually do. Go for a run or a bike ride. You could go surfing or lay on the beach. Be by yourself or hangout with friends, do what is restful! Most of all, remember that true rest is found in the finished work of Christ. Maybe you have been stressed out all semester, get to the heart of that and learn to rest in the Gospel.

I hope everyone has an incredible break, see you when you get back!

-Jon Sheets (College Ministry Director)