Mercy Hill Church City Project Blog

5 Reasons you should do City Project this Summer

Summers while in college are a beautiful thing. You could do just about anything you wanted. I want to challenge you to give Mercy Hill College one summer of your collegiate career. We can do in one summer what normally takes four years or more. Here are five reasons you should do it this summer. You will:

1. Learn to Lead Others

In City Project, our main goal is that you would learn to lead others. The essence of disciple-making is leadership. You are creating a path for a follower of Christ. They follow you as you follow Christ. Therefore, City Project has leadership development as one of its core goals. This summer you will learn to lead others in small group, in service, and in sharing the gospel.

2. Be Immersed in Genuine Community

One thing that City Project helps to foster the most is community. We as a church understand that discipleship happens in community. Community, like nothing else, refines us and shapes us. Our sin becomes most prevalent when we are in community. Now this can be scary, but is so beautiful and good for us. We need others to see our faults and flaws so that we can repent of them and grow in Christ. Some of you are stunted in your growth because you are not in deep, transformative community.

3. Explore Life in a New Culture

Seeing the peoples of the world is one of the best ways to cultivate a heart for the nations. It is important to us as a church that we always have the nations in view. One way to do that is to see the very people we are talking about. Walking the busy streets of India, being surrounded by millions of people who have never heard the name of Jesus and much less his significance, turns our attention to the vast need among unreached people groups. City Project invites you to meet the unreached peoples of the world and to introduce them to Jesus.

4. Gain Internship Experience Within the Church or Community

During City Project, every participant gets an internship. The internship is either with Mercy Hill Church or with one of our community partners. This experience helps us to engage where we are. We want to make sure that all City Project participants know what it means to serve others, just as Christ has served us.

5. Study Theology with the Pastoral Staff

What we believe about God shapes everything about us. From the way we interact in our relationships to how we do our jobs, our theology shapes all of it. Over the course of the summer, we want to equip you with a basic and practical theology for all of life. The Pastoral staff, along with guest speakers, will walk you through everything from theology to anthropology. We want to help you see the world through the lens of the Gospel.

-Jon Sheets (College Ministry Director)