5 Reasons You Should Attend MH College’s Fall Retreat

College students, it’s that time of year again! Mercy Hill College’s annual Fall Retreat is coming up at the end of this month (September 29-October 1). Here are 5 reasons you should come:

1. You Need a Break

Let’s be real, you need a break from campus. As much as you might enjoy your campus, there’s nothing like getting away for a weekend to disconnect from classes, professors, and the everyday routine.

2. Your Friend Circle Could Always be Opened

It’s an awesome opportunity to connect with students from different college campuses across the Triad. To me, this is one of the coolest aspects of Fall Retreat. It’s great to be able to meet and build friendships with people you may not have met otherwise.

3. You Should Probably Have Some Fun

During the free-time on Saturday, there are tons of fun activities to do. You can go hiking, adventure around Asheville, or you could always go WHITEWATER RAFTING! Whatever you like to do, there’s going to be something you’ll enjoy.

4. You Can Explore Your Curiosities

There is a huge variety of breakout session topics. The breakout sessions include learning about the Sent Initiative summer projects, information on how to counsel your friends, how to get involved in Mercy Hill’s Student Ministry, why the prosperity gospel isn’t the true gospel, etc. And, that’s only naming a few.

5. Your Life Could Change . . . With Cheesesteaks

As many of you know, every year at Mercy Hill we try and partner with an upcoming church plant in the Summit Network. This year at Fall Retreat, we have the opportunity to meet and hear from this year’s planter, Mark Turner. Mark, his wife Whitney, and their children, will be leading a launch team heading up to Philadelphia, PA in the coming year! Mark will be leading us in a study of the church and culture during the Retreat weekend and even hosting a meeting about getting involved in his Philly church plant!

We hope to see you in just a couple more weeks.

To sign up or for more information on Fall Retreat, click here

-Patrick A. (College Staff)