Mercy Hill Missions Success

4 Ways God has Blessed Mercy Hill for Success

How do you measure success?

As a church, we repeatedly remind ourselves that success is not measured by the seats we fill but by the people we send. We want people to leave our church as messengers of the gospel they have heard and been changed by in order to share it in new places among new people. Until Christians understand God has entrusted and commanded us to make his gospel known among those who have never heard, our understanding of the gospel will be incomplete.

So how are we doing as a church? Numbers alone cannot tell the full story, but things that matter are things we count. Here are 4 ways God has blessed Mercy Hill over the last 5 ½ years in order to be a blessing to the nations.

1. We are blessed with personal examples of the gospel saving, growing, gathering, and sending:

  • We’ve witnessed people who came to Mercy Hill as unbelievers who were saved, baptized and are now serving internationally.
  • 4 of our 19 current international missionaries had never been on any type of mission trip until they went with Mercy Hill on a short-term team.

2. We are blessed with leadership that models a zeal for the nations:

  • 13 of our elders have gone with us on short-term teams.
  • 3 former staff members have been sent out and are currently serving oversees.
  • 13 of our Community Group leaders have been sent with church plants.
  • 1,000 unreached villages were prayed for by name at last year’s community group leader retreat.

3. We are blessed with strategic partnerships that fuel sending and church planting:

  • In addition to our own 19 missionaries serving through various organizations, the generosity of Mercy Hill helps to fund 3,506 international missionaries living among the unreached peoples and places through partnership with the IMB.
  • We’ve planted 7 North American churches and sent 35 of our members among those plants.

4. We are blessed with people willing to go:

  • 57 short-term teams have been sent to spread the gospel around the world.
  • 120 college students have been mobilized through the Sent Initiative.

-Mercy Hill Missions Director