Mercy Hill College - Summer Break Blog

3 Ways to Not Make Your Summer Break a Jesus Break

You made it! You have (almost) finished another year of school. To our seniors that are graduating: congratulations! I’m sure the first reaction all of you are going to have as soon as you run out from your last exam is to celebrate . . . and then start the endless cycle of sleep and Netflix binge for the next two to three weeks. Yes, rest is good! Rest is honoring to the Lord and should be embraced. You have worked hard to get where you are. However, your plans for this summer should not end there. Here are 3 simple things I want to challenge you to do with your time off from school:

1. Take time to reflect & celebrate.

Set apart time to spend with the Lord, praising him for this past year in school—maybe it’s the friends you saw become believers, those that have followed in steps of obedience in baptism, or simply the fun times you’ve gotten to experience. Whatever it may be, I am confident God has moved because we have seen it week after week in Community Groups and at the gathering. Reflect on the way God has showed up and moved in your own heart this past year—the ways you have grown, changed, and been shaped. Take time to sit with the One who is worthy of all honor, glory, and praise.

2. Stay involved in the local church. 

Summer is such a tempting time to scale back and take a break. However, whether you are coming back to Mercy Hill for the summer, going home, or have an internship in a new city, get (or stay) plugged into the local church. Community, serving, and being fed are essentials to the walk of the life of a believer.

These essentials should not end when the school year ends, but are things we should be seeking in every season of life. These things are always vital, but especially if you are leaving for the summer. You place yourself in vulnerable situations when community and accountability are no longer there. Plugging into the local church can help ensure you are growing deeper even in the “off time” of the year.

3. Be where you are.

Wherever the summer is taking you, I guarantee there is probably an opportunity to be on mission. Just as you have been on mission on your campus and have seen God do incredible things through MH College, let that propel you into a summer to the glory of God. Be bold to take moments with coworkers or family members to share the gospel. Grow in deeper relationships with those around you, taking the opportunities you can to be missional. Pray for those around you that may not be believers or, if you are not a believer yet, continue hanging around those who are. Most importantly, stay in the Bible. Find a routine of quiet time or devotions that works for you and be consistent with it.

Lastly, if you are having a hard summer, reach out. Hopefully you have gotten plugged into a life-giving Community Group this past year (if you haven’t, this is step #1 for when you return in the fall). Those people are still community no matter the distance. Your Community Group leader is still probably available—if not for a meet up, then a text or phone call. If you are struggling, reach out to those you have been doing life with so that they may be able to speak wisdom and pray for you. Wherever this summer takes you, spend it wisely to the glory of God. He isn’t taking time off and neither should you.

-Kristen Schleich (MH College Team)